The New All Originals CD from MLC 

"It’s All Good” is the first full-length, all originals album from the band Mid-Life Crisis. The album is a collection of 13 songs and stories that came from the band’s middle age perspective on life. Family, friends, jobs, memories…these mid-life stories have many highs and many lows. Produced by Michael Crittenden at Mackinaw Harvest Studios, the album has become a labor of love for all involved. Through the process of writing, producing and performing these songs, the band has come to the collective conclusion that, in the end, it is all good.
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Side A

Side B
1. Holiday for Two 7. Tennessee Flyer
2. The Worry Song 8. Silly Children
3. Healing of Time 9. Away
4. My Father's Shoes 10. Song for Mom
5. Completely Understanding 11. Just a Woman
6. Make a Change 12. Through These Eyes
13. Missing You
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(Available in September 2006)
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