Farewell to the Moon

Our long-time friend and collaborator, Phil Biggs, wrote Farewell to the Moon as an ode to the imposing changes we face in our lives today. The song was intended lyrically to develop two thematic tracks: First, Phil was saying goodbye to the simpler days when he grew up in a small town and the pace of change was slower and less intrusive. The second theme was Phil saying farewell to his son C.J. as he came of age and his life took him on a new and different path, plunging Phil into the “pain of a sad goodbye.” Musically it’s no secret that the melody he composed is a nod to the late Glenn Frey because Phil has always admired Glenn’s role in the Eagles. The reference at the end that “faith will set you straight again” was intentional because no matter how complex the world becomes or how difficult our problems seem, faith serves as our “true horizon” when we look for answers. Kevin’s musical re-arrangement of Phil’s initial recorded version was concise but important as he pushed up the tempo and raised the key a full step to punch the vocal. We like the song because it seems that as our lives take us down new exciting paths, inevitably we long to return home to familiar faces and gentler memories