My Pretty Jane

My Pretty Jane was originally published in 1832 under the title “The Bloom is on the Rye”. While studying trumpet in college I came across the melody of the original song as an excerpt study in the “Lyric Playing” section of Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method. At the time I didn’t know the words but the original melody is beautiful and I set out to arrange the song for full orchestra. After a couple of years however, I realized I was never going to have an orchestra to play this work, and I set it aside and forgot about it. Many years later, after my first daughter Jane was born, my interest in the song was rekindled. However, this time I actually looked up the lyrics and decided to just make a song for my daughter. I originally recorded this song about 5 years ago by myself as part of a fund raiser for a trip to Ethiopia. I brought the song to the band and they graciously agreed to re-record it with the MLC flair.