(That’s How I Know) We Found Love

(That’s How I Know) We Found Love is a love ballad Phil Biggs composed when he was asked to write and perform a wedding song for a dear friend’s daughter’s ceremony. Something of a tall order, but “when the heart shows up at the page” good ideas come easier. First Phil thought about the ebb and flow of his own marriage and what made it work for over thirty years. It’s at this point song fragments and skeletal notes evolve into something more beautiful as you go through the process of writing. Then Phil pulled forward the feelings of the young couple he was writing for, and how much they were the same or very different at times than what he and his wife Sally have experienced. When Phil shared his original version with Kevin, he left a lyric sheet on Kevin’s living room piano, where they often have collaborated for a dozen years. Kevin rediscovered the lyrics several weeks later and a completely different melody and musical interpretation to they lyrics poured out of him, reflecting on “finding” love with his wife of 30 years, Gina. And that’s how We Found Love got its start! Collaboration has roots in many forms and places, and two minds are almost always better than one. While Kevin Paul and Phil Biggs will never be mistaken for Elton John and Bernie Taupin, working together in Kevin’s living room always seems to bring the beginning of new music to a very good end.